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Romantic Hollywood Movies
The list of romantic movies in Hollywood industry is quite long. These are really heart warming, touching and extremely romantic ones. Some of the most popular romantic movies are briefed below:


Casablanca: Casablanca of 1942 is still watched with same fun and romantic awe as it spelled its magic earlier. It is simply the greatest love story ever made in the Hollywood industry. The characters were so moving and deeply associated with their roles which created a real life scene in the movie.

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Anniversary Edition
Breakfast at Tiffany's: To spend cheerful and happy moments of laughter with your mate, then this Hollywood movie is a perfect answer. A very soft, loving and a light-hearted love story defining the performance of Audrey Hepburn as a call-girl.
Love Story
Love Story: It is a simple yet unforgettable movie. The movie revolves around the duo madly in love with each other. The boy in the movie belongs to a rich family who marries his poor love who get sick and dies later on. The movie had very hearty and touchy vibes.
Titanic (10th Anniversary Edition)
Titanic: A fictional love story of Kate Winslett and Leonardo is simple and beautiful based on historical sinking of the gigantic Titanic. Audience saw the sinking of Titanic through the eyes of these two lovers.

Pretty Woman [Blu-ray]
Pretty Woman: It is a magnanimous love story about a wealthy businessman falling for effervescent hooker. Roberts and Gear an incredible on-screen chemistry. The movie seems to be a so natural and convincing which helped it earn rave reviews.
City of Angels (Keepcase)
City of Angels: City of Angels is a heart-touching love story which reflects about life and death. The story seems to be realistic and touches the soul as an angel named Nicolas gives up eternity in heaven to be with a woman on Earth.
Love Actually [Blu-ray]
Love Actually: The movie 'Love Actually' is a comedy, drama and a superb love story. There are 8 story-lines with different love stories. The movie makes a statement "Love actually is all around". The director has beautifully presented different facets of emotions. Love triumphs, fails, begins, ends and love is born anew.

Other Popular Hollywood Movies
The Bridges of Madison County
When Harry Met Sally
The Lake House
My Best Friend's Wedding
The Fountain
The Science of Sleep
Roman Holiday
Sense and Sensibility
The Last Kiss
My Super Ex-Girlfriend
Rain Man
Mixed Nuts
Working Girl

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