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We welcome you from all over the globe to get the original Valentine's Day Comments and words to make this festival popular worldwide. Just check out the views and feeling about this festival in the heart of people on the net.

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Wide variety of Valentine's day greeting cards including both giltering, sweet and simple, and sexy images with hot flirty phrases. "Happy Valentine's Day for all", "Be My Valentine" and much more. 3 Comments on Valentine's Day.......

  • At 1:33 AM, 14 Feb, 2007 Anonymous Anonymous

    While I like this on valentines day. and I do not really subscribe to the idea of the st. valentines day. It has been quite nonchalantly garbed the Shopping cartels and I really feeling pity todays generation who are much more into instant gratification in affairs of heart and love ..Loving someone should not have a day or a month . Love is an Universal emotion which should be spontaneous and it will take more than red heart shaped chocolates, flowers and balloons to love a person and keep that love forever !!
    Keep it up, You are doing great job.. I digg it and love a lot and I love these cards,Though at times i do find them too mushy for me . Happy Friendship Wishes for you.....

  • At 3:00 PM, 20 Feb,2007 Anonymous Anonymous

    Really liked your blog a lot! I would like to Thanks for posting on mine. Even though I arge you that if possible then you should show your love cards 365 days a year, my dear girlfriend and I will celebrate next Valentine's Day. And I just think it is a lovable day to do a little something more special. I don't have faith in that the men should do everything for them and the ladies should just sit back and accept presents and gifts, though! It should be a mutual celebration.

  • At 10:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous

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